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If you are like me and have large koi (most of mine are 20 to 30 plus inches) and they love to munch your plants, this may be the solution!

I have had lots of requests for a "floating island"  They are expensive and the shipping in not "cheap" either.  So build your own.

Rich is still working on ours in his spare time.  LOL "What spare time?" he asks.  You can use a variety of containers found in dollar type stores.  You might even find a suitable container in a laundry basket.  Use your imagination and you can come up with something for a container based on the size of your pond.  If you have a skimmer, tie the floating basket to the side of the pond with fishing line (invisible) to keep it in place and from being drawn to the skimmer.

floatingcrate.jpg (36232 bytes)

He made a couple of floating crates for me to use for photographs and attaches a plastic ruler to the bottom with zip ties.  floatingcrate1.jpg (31053 bytes)

We use this for fish photographs or sick fish.  Clothes pins keeps netting attached so the fish can not jump out   Here you see the floating crate floating in a tank of water.  No reason this can not be used for plants. In a short time you will not see the crate because the plants will grow up and out and hide the crate.

fishcage.jpg (54057 bytes)Rich is the king of PVC pipe and makes lots of different things from it.  Floating cages we use for spawning.  PVC and netting.  Fill the PVC with foam spray.  He made smaller ones for sick fish.  Most of the time a sick fish will do best in its own home while recovering and the smaller floating cages keeps the fish in their own tank or pond.  This is less stressful than moving them to a quarantine tank and water that they may not be used to being housed in.  

Large floating fish cages we use for spawning hang up in the greenhouse when not in use.  Made of PVC, foam in the PVC and heavy duty netting is zip tying the netting to the frame work.
spraybar.jpg (38973 bytes)While I am at the PVC topic  This is a large filter with a spray bar.  It sits inside a 650 gallon stock tank. This is  just one of the filters / aeration on a 5,000 gallon tank.  ALL PVC

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