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Water lilies come in a rainbow of colors and and are the backbone of most any pond or water garden. Depending on the variety, hardy lilies are generally potted so that they are 6 to 24 inches deep in the water. They are hardy zone 3 or higher. Flowers May through September, depending on your zone.

The name describes the color, Almost Black. Very deep color.  Flowers are 5 -7 inches across
Almost Black
American Star Hardy Lily
American Star
Arc-en-ceil has pink, burgundy and white variegated and speckled leaves making it awesome even when not it bloom. The pale pink flowers that fade to white.
Barbara Dobbins
Barbara Dobbins
Black Princess Hardy Lily
Black Princess
Blushin Bride
Blushing Bride
Charlene Strawn spreads 2 to 3' Slightly fragrant, bright yellow flowers with burgundy speckled foliage. The flowers are held above the foliage.  Wonderful bloomer
Charlene Strawn
Colorado hardy water lily
Georgia Peach
Georgia Peach
Gloriosa carmine red flowers on dark green foliage.  This old time favorite is excellent for small  to medium ponds. Very free flowering.
Gold Medal
Gold Medal
Helvola is is a great lily for patio ponds because of the small leaves and flowers.  This is definitely a miniature lily. Flowers and leaves are about the size of a US quarter
James Brydon Mayla has very large double fuchsia colored blooms.  Ideal for larger pond because this lily needs space. One of the best pinks around!

Moon Dance
Peaches and Cream
Peaches N Cream
Perry's Baby Red Hardy Lily
Perry's Baby Red
Pink Ribbon hardy lily
Pink Ribbon

photo by Joyce Grigonis  
 Pink Sensation has silvery-pink blooms.  This lily is very popular because the flowers remain open into the evening hours.
Pink Sensation
Red Queen flowers are 6 to 8 inch deep red and foliage starts a lovely burgundy color and then turns green as it matures
Red Queen
Texas Dawn  has very bright yellow flowers are held up above the water.  Mottled leaves make a stunning contrast to the flowers.  Good bloomer.
Texas Dawn
Un-tagged Hardy Lilies

I have hardy lilies that have lost their tags so I don't know the colors. They could be any of the varieties that we have for sale

tuber size of larger lilies The tuber in my hand is the variety known as Almost Black. You can see that this is a good sized tuber.

They range in size from 6" to 9" long and 1" to 1-1/2" across the bottom.

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