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Please read the text below and then scroll down and click the link to go to all of the current Koi for sale

Our Guarantee At Bonnie's Plants we take the utmost care to insure your purchase is of the highest quality, and are picture perfect healthy Koi.  Our Koi are bred at our Koi farm and greenhouses here in Newton NC.  Each fish is fed the only the best food money can buy and undergoes a rigorous health exam before shipping. We carefully package every Koi using the highest quality, sterile materials - You will never receive a sick or injured fish when you're purchasing from Bonnie's Plants.

Please take your time and enjoy our Living Jewels!. As you click on the links in this section, they will open in the boxed window below. Please allow all pictures and descriptions to load. For videos, allow time for the video to download and buffer.  If you can not view the videos, make sure that your anti-virus or firewall is not blocking the content.

Please use the form on the bottom of this page to inquire for a fish price and shipping quote.  Because this is also our residence we are not open to the public for visits or pick up.

  Click Here to see the fish that are available

All Koi pages are now updated

These are the last of our Koi because we stopped breeding 2 years ago so if you see something better get it now!

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