Japanese Butterfly fin Koi
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On the fish for sale page is an order inquiry form.  Please use that form to inquire about cost of fish and overnight Fed Ex delivery. Be sure to add my email address to your SAFE list so you do not miss my reply if it goes into your SPAM folder. You only need to send one form, feel free to add more than one fish to the form.
All of my fish have undergone a full quarantine with the water temperature being raised, dropped and raised again to check for  KHV/SVC  They have also been treated for parasites.  They are clean, healthy and many will hand feed.  I only feed and sell Sho Koi food with an immune stimulator built into the food.  See my supplies section for Sho Koi fish food.

What do all these Japanese Names mean?
See just how friendly
my fish are! Except for
the smallest babies,
they will all hand feed.
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