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Over many years of experience I have discovered many pond tips and tricks for ponds and their plants. I hope that these will prove to be very helpful to you. There is even a DIY section. ENJOY!

Bog/Marginal Plants   Ponds
How to plant
How to divide step by step w/photos
  How Many Gallons

How Dirty Is Your Pond?

Email me for for the link

how much salt can each plant tolerate?  A comprehensive test that was year in the making by US!

Shady Plants

Spring Clean-Up
Soil-less Planting
keep your pond clean-keep out dirt

Growing soil-less or hydroponically

Plants grown hydroponically

Winterizing the Pond
fall chores

Wintering Plants
Potassium Permanganate
everything you need to know

Quickly Cycle a filter

DIY (Do It Yourself)
Building a Trickle Tower

Building a Veggie Filter

Floating Islands
make your own and other PVC stuff
How to plant a lotus Email me for more information.  This video is for customers who have purchased from us in the last yeat

How to grow Lotus outside of the pond

More on growing lotus

Lotus tubers - Dividing the tubers

VIDEO 1/13/2013
how to plant lotus
Lily types
Hardy or Tropical

Hardy Lilies

Planting Lilies

Protecting Lilies - From fish

3 Videos
#1 Two 2 year old lily
#2 Washing off the sand
#3 planting back in sand
Misc. Plant Information
How many plants
do you need for your pond size?

Salt vs. Plants
How much salt can your plants handle?

Trouble Shooting
Plant Problems

Poisonous Plants
List of possible toxic plants to fish

Zone hardiness chart

Zone hardiness chart
Includes light requirements
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