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Domestic - Butterfly


BFK101-BFK132       1  Updated 5/19/14


BFK133-BFK156       2  Updated 5/19/14


BFK157-BFK170       Updated 5/20/14 


BFK171-BFK194       Updated 5/20/14


BFK195-BFK219       5  Updated 5/22/14  


BFK220-BFK224        Updated 5/25/14


Breeders               1 Page  
Standard Fin         1 page  
Chinese Hi-fin Banded Sharks

Shipping starts April 13th 2015

If you are looking for LARGE sharks, I added 2 to the page on 7/3/2012 below that says My Breeders. There is also a video.   

My Breeders some of my breeders;  both Standard Fin and Butterfly Fin Email me for prices.  I added 3 new breeders on 07/02/14  check back in a few days because I will be adding more!  I added 2 more koi to this page on 7/03/14.  There are also two larger Chinese Hi-finned Banded Sharks on this link.

ST501 - ST511           1    Added 5/28/14  
ST512 - ST537           2    Added 5/28/14   


More information can be found below that is relevant to Koi.  Please read below and watch the video of hand feeding.
Fish Chart Code:
ST - Domestic bred standard fin koi by Rich and Bonnie Japanese parents
BFK - Domestic bred butterfly koi bred by Rich and Bonnie Japanese parents
What do all these Japanese Names mean?
Different Scale Patterns & Sexing Koi
See how much difference an inch in size makes.
Read what people are saying About fish they bought
MY FISH see photos of my fish
Read about the importance of Quarantine