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I do not grow any lotus in a pond, they are heavy feeders and the amount of fertilizer needed will turn the water green AND most of my fish are 30 inches and they would have a "field day" with the lotus.
These lotus  are "stock" plants we grow to sell.  In late January we harvest tubers and begin shipping them in February.  Around mid-March, when we are done shipping and we start new plants for shipping in 2  years.  The rows of pots you see will be allowed to grow for 2 years.  We have pots that are not shown that will be harvested in January of 2005.
We start the tubers in the heated greenhouse and let them grow until there is no danger of frost.  After frost danger is past, we move the huge pans outside and dig them into the ground.  This is how the bed looks before we put down hardwood mulch to keep the weeds down. The pans are watered with water from the well that has a pH of 6.0 and fertilized once a week.  We have a fertilizer injector that we use in the greenhouse that mixes the fertilizer to right ratio of water
The tuber must be kept warm if it is to root and grow. One trick if you keep your house on the cool side is to set the pan on a heating pad that is set to "low".
These pots were moved outside from the greenhouse in early May   These pots were moved outside from the greenhouse in early May These pots were moved outside from the greenhouse in early May and you can see the growth they made for late March to early May about 6 weeks time.  By June there will be a sea of green leaves and flowers popping up everywhere!

my favorite lotus, Sun Flower, and nice deep clear pink



This photo is one of my favorite, Sun Flower, and nice deep clear pink.  You can see that since mid-March it has made great growth and is getting ready to bloom.





Chawan Basu a semi dwarf lotus


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