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Pond Plant "Bonnie's plants are extremely lush, top-size plants at prices that compete with our local budget stores! I have received another shipment from her, and, as always, it arrived in perfect condition - the Bonus Plant was an especially nice touch!" 
                                        ~ D. Diamond
Today is September 11, 2010.  Yesterday I treated our pond to remove algae on the rocks in the waterfalls and streambed.  While this does work on algae on rocks, PP or potassium permanganate is more often used for the removal of DOC (dissolved organic compounds). DOC is fish feces, uneaten fish food, plant particles: organics that build up in a pond and causes foam on the water.  DOC is not to be confused with foam on the water from spawning.

Before you dash me off to email me, PP will NOT kill green water algae! Trust me on this, I have tried it many times over many years.  And I am well versed in treating ponds with Potassium Permanganate.  You do need to read and fully understand its use and think long and hard about it using it.   PP can and will kill fish!  Read more here

A little off topic..

In a spawn the water will have a very distinct fish odor.  This is usually just after you fish chasing one another and bumping going on. During a spawn the males chase the females and bump up against the females and cause her to release her eggs.  Then the males release milt (sperm) in the water.  Koi do not get pregnant.  A female with eggs is called gravid, not pregnant!

Female koi will get their eggs in the winter.  I am not talking about goldfish and goldfish types, they are a "horse of a different color".  You can generally see her bulging abdomen during the winter months. 

While I was doing the  PP, I had the idea to do a tour via videos.  I hope you enjoy my tour!

You may want to adjust your volume on your speakers because the volume seems loud to me. I have written text below for each video so that if you do not understand what I am saying. Sorry about the wind you can hear in the video.

Koi Video     My middle pond, the dark foam on the water from the PP treatment.  Then I move to the lower pond

Koi Video   At the lower pond, tea stain colored water. Meet Thor, my 36 inch male.  Meet Sunny my 26 year old butterfly.  Sparkle Plenty is Sunny and Lucky's daughter.  She is the mother of all my yellow butterfly koi I sell. Cali the Ki Utsuri, a yellow and black standard fin.  Zorro has the longest fins of any butterfly koi I have ever seen.  Utsee, a Shiro Utsuri, Rich's koi.

Koi Video Still at the lower pond.  Meet Cleo who I bought as a female and turned out to be male.  She is a leather, has no scales and feels like fine leather. Patches, who I could not think of the name, was a leather Hi Utsuri, turned Hi Shiro.  Darter a Kujaku.  Her name came from the way she darted around the pond when we first got her.

Koi Video  My plant shelf, 2 rows of banana trees. October Sunset maples were 3' tall just 10 years ago!  Filter box that hides the 2.5 horse pump and the bubble feed filter.

Koi Video  Pink flowers are Mandevilla. Dutchman's Pipe.  Behind is Burning Bush and Wisteria.  My "banana lane"  Gardenia plant, I actually have 2 of them. View of the plant shelf in the pond from the back side of the lower pond.

Koi Video  Stock tank to remove floaties from the pond.  Asparagus Fern, 2 Bougainvillea pots.  Bird of paradise I have had for many years, it is divided every few years, Variegated Scheffelera, Glory Bush.  Back up at the middle pond.

Streambed plants:  Rose Hibiscus, Black Magic Taro, Red Bog Lily, other side of the bridge Imperial Taro.  Steppable plants in the path.  Upper pond,  Blushing Bride hardy lily (and the color in the video does not do this lily justice!) Almost Black is the faded  hardy lily.

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