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LOTUS: We will not be selling Lotus in 2019

There are eight Buddhist symbols and the lotus is the 8th symbol. The lotus symbolizes faithfulness.

Different parts of the lotus represent different elements but to briefly explain: The Lotus means love, good health, long life, honor, divinity, and fertility.

Lotus are started in the house in early to mid-January to insure that they bloom the first year.

NOT particular about color?  Try our lotus tubers that have lost their tag.  It could be any of the ones listed below. If you are interested in more than one, I am reasonably sure they all will be different. SUPER pricing

Beutiful Dancet
Beautiful Dancer
Small - grows 1'-3' tall
Birthday Peach
Birthday Peach
Small - grows 1'-3' tall
Carolina Queen
Carolina Queen
Med/Large - grows 4'-6' tall
Chawan Basu Semi dwarf.  Creamy white flowers edged in pink.  Excellent for small ponds, tub gardens
Chawan Basu
Semi Dwarf  grows 1-2' tall
Empress Alba Straita large white flowers with pink-red edges. Large variety
Large grows 4-5' tall
Frankly Scarlet
Frankly Scarlet discontinued
Large grows 4'-6' tall
Perry's Giant Sunburst lotus Large delicate yellow blossoms that can be up to 10 inches across  Large growing
Giant Sunburst Perry's
Large grows 4-6' tall
Green Maiden Lotus Changes from Pink-Yellow-Cream
Green Maiden
Semi dwarf grows 2-3' tall
Large grows 3 - 5' tall
Momo Botan Carmine red double flowers. Dwarf variety for small ponds, tubs and water gardens.
Momo Botan
Semi dwarf grows 1-2' tall
Mrs. Perry D. Slocum lotus
Mrs. Perry D. Slocum
Large grows 4-5' tall
Nucifer Hindu
Large grows 3-5' tall
Pink Bowl lotus  medium Chinese cultivar that has double rich pink blooms. Free blooming. The flower is a lovely pink in color. Semi dwarf
Pink Bowl discontinued
Small-semi dwarf grows 2-3' tall
Pretty Pink Princess
Pink Pretty Princess
Large grows 4'-6' tall
Russian Red Lotus, Russian lotus  Lotus,  'Nelumbo nucifera var.caspicum'
Russian Red
Medium-large grows 4-5' tall
Medium-large grows 4-6' tall
The President
The President
Large - grows 4'-6' tall
Med/Large - grows 3'-7' tall
Pot Luck
(Lost Tag Lotus)
Lotus are only shipped January - March or until we sell out.  The tubers are only shipped while dormant.
Lotus tubers can range in size from about 6 inches to 24 inches, depending on variety Lotus tubers can range in size from about 6 inches to 24 inches, depending on variety
Lotus tubers can range in size from about 6 inches to 24 inches, depending on variety   Lotus tubers can range in size from about 6 inches to 24 inches, depending on variety


Lotus tubers can vary in size and shape.  In fact NO two are alike. Some will be long and thin, some short and fat.  The above photos are representative of what your tuber may look like. The size depends on many factors: the variety (dwarf or medium or large growing).  One thing is for certain a viable tuber must contain a node and internodes.  Many do not know how to divide lotus and if they do not include a node and internodes the tuber is doomed right from the start.  When we cut the tubers we make sure that there is at least 2 growing tips.  There could however be more than 2.
Dividing tubers Newest article on planting lotus received in mail
How to grow Lotus Growing Lotus outside of a pond


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