Pond Plant and Koi Pond Tips
PLANTS are shipped Monday, Tuesday. Via USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation. They are shipped USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation.  SUPPLIES are shipped several times a week also via USPS priority mail.  Please visit The shopping cart.

Plants are shipped bare-root with a few exception.

My shipping is very reasonable (the actual cost USPS charges plus $2.98 handling charge PER box)

Shipping is based on:

The distance from my zip code to your zip code. 

The weight of the box. 

Since the calculator can not know how much room is needed in the box or if there is room in the box for other plants, it is set to automatically calculate one item per box.  When indeed, many times I can add more than one item and depending on the plants, several to the same box.  Of course it is much less expensive to ship one box that weighs a few pounds as opposed to 2 boxes.

For instance I can usually ship 2 bog plants for the same price as one, depending of course on which bog plants they are. In some cases 3 smaller bog plants could possibly ship for the price of one. Lotus I can generally ship 2 or 3 in the same box together for slightly more ($1.00 to $1.50 more) than one. Depending on your distance from me, shipping of lotus tubers will vary. I can ship 2 to in the same box. The other factor is the size of the tuber. A small growing tuber may only be about 6 inches where a large growing variety can be up to 18 inches.

Ditto on tall plants like umbrella and papyrus. One of each plant can ship for the price as one plant or slightly higher

The shopping cart is set up to take Pay Pal and Check Out by Amazon using your major credit card.

Check or Money Order are fine. Make them payable to Bonnie Hale. Personal checks are not generally held for clearance. A $25.00 fee is applied for bounced checks.
We do our best to send the plants that you ordered. If the plant you ordered is not available we will try to contact you in advance. Please let us know if we may make substitutions or if we should delete an item if it should not be in stock at the time of shipping.

We guarantee that all plants are shipped alive and healthy, have been inspected by the Department of Agriculture in the state of North Carolina. We treat all plants for parasites, fungus and bacteria. We will never ship anything I would not personally put in my own pond! Once you accept the plant, it is no longer returnable because of deadly viruses that could contaminate our growing facilities. Returns will only be allowed in cases where I have made an error on the order. I must be notified by email within 24 hours of arrival if there is an error in your order.

Keep in mind not all plants are available at all times of the year. While all plants are grown in heated greenhouses, some still go dormant in the fall/winter.

Others are available all year around. Seasonal items are marked in the shopping cart along with the estimated time they will be available.

All plants must be returned, packaged properly for shipping, within 7 days of arrival. There will be no refunds after 7 days. If you are having a problem with a particular plant, please email photos and your phone number and I will email or call you ASAP

After 7 days after arrival there are no refunds or replacements.  It is your reasonability to plant the plant properly.

It is your responsibility to know your water temperature of your pond and make sure the pond is the proper temperature each plant before adding it. It is also your responsibility to know the proper depth (email me if you are not sure or check my web site). I am NOT responsible if your fish eat or destroy the plants.

Pond Supplies are not returnable.


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