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You will note on the items below, I don't stock a lot of pond supplies. There are way too many items on the market that make promises and do little or nothing for your pond.  If it is not on the list below, in my opinion, then you probably don't need it. And of course, some of the items are optional.

You'll find more detailed product information on my Online shop or at the bottom of this page.

Sho Koi Food 4.0 mm Sho Koi
Fish Food w/Immune Stimulator
  Pond Tab Fertilizer Pond Plant Fertilizer
6 lbs.   100 Tablets
10 lbs.   25 Tablets
12 lbs. (2.6 mm)    
Koi Clay Koi Clay - Montmorillonite
Calcium Bentonite
PrazoPond Plus
Praziquantel PraziPond Plus
6 lbs

12 lbs
Hornwort Weights
100 Hornwort Weights (COPY)

Fry Food
Baby Fry Food
from Japan

Filter Media
Filter Material
12 x 54 x 1"i
Koizyme Quart
Proform-C Pond Water Treatment 1 Quart
Mosquito Dunks
BT Mosquito Dunks
20 per Pack
Ammonia Test Kit
Ammonia Water Test Kit
Nitrite Test Kit
Nitrite Water Test Kit
KH Test Kit
KH Water Test Kit
Bonniest Master Test Kit
Master Test Kit
Algae Off
Algae Off 2 lb
Proform-C 1 Gallon
Proline Ammonia Binder
Proline Ammonia Binder
Rapid Clear
Rapid Clear Flocculent
32 oz
Rapid Clear
Rapid Clear Flocculent
SHO KOI's Premium food will now, for the first time, provide your valued fish with a nutritive advantage over all other fish food products. 'IMPACT' will provide your fish with high quality nutrition while ensuring:
I have only fed my fish Sho Koi with Aquagen for the last few years. It is by far the best food that I have found for the money and I love the immune stimulating properties of this food. My fish love it.

I buy this in 50 lb. bags for the best cost available and you can buy as little or as much as you like.

The addition of OPTIMŪN to SHO KOI's Premium food will now, for the first time, provide your valued fish with a nutritive advantage over all other fish food products. "IMPACT" will provide your fish with high quality nutrition while ensuring:
  • More efficient absorption of nutrients in the food
  • Better growth
  • Improved Health
  • Reduced mortality
  • Improved immune system.
A stronger immune system will give your fish extra resistance to disease. This is particularly important to Koi and Pond Fish who live in artificial environments where they are subjected to many stress-causing conditions which have shown to be detrimental to their health and longevity. In addition, "IMPACT" will give your fish a TRUE measure of protection against a weakened immune system due to improper nutrition or the absence of food during the winter, when many ponds have water temperatures below 50°F. Studies have shown that the OPTIMŪN in IMPACT resulted in a 15.2% higher growth rate in fish while their need for food was reduced by 27.9%. Also, OPTIMŪN was able to help fish resist parasite infestation (Lernea. anchor worm), and improved the RPS (performance) of Aeromonas Hydrophila vaccine by 14.3% (Injection) and 30.6% (Immersion).

Besides OPTIMŪN, the ingredients in SHO KOI "IMPACT" are of the highest quality carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, completely digestible, and have a superior nutritional value. OPTIMŪN is a product of Aqua Health Ltd., formulators of Furogen injectibles and Furogen b inject-able vaccines. This product has been recommended by Eric L. Johnson, DVM, author of Koi Health and Disease.

Koi 4.0 mm for fish 6 inches or more
Sho Koi 2.6 mm for fish 6 inches and under

left is small 2.6 mm right is 4.0 mm
(US dime in the middle is for size reference)

This is the preeminent broad spectrum malachite green & formalin treatment. It is formulated differently than any other malachite green & formalin mix. Malachite green and formalin are two drugs that are more effective in combination than if used individually. This is the definition of synergism. These two drugs are also less toxic in combination than if used individually, What makes ProForm-C the preeminent product in this field is the fact it is formulated with malachite green chloride, while all other MG&F products use the oxalate salt form which is more toxic than the chloride form. As with any malachite green & formalin treatment do NOT use with salt levels above 0.05%.
The benefits of ProForm-C
  • The safest and most effective treatment for the control of diseases caused by Ichthyophthirius (ich), Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, Oodinium and fungal infections.
  • The ONLY MG&F treatment that can be used in water temperatures as low as 50 degrees (F), thus allowing you to treat in early Spring and late Fall. All other MG&F treatments can NOT be used below 62 degrees (F).
  • Treatment is DAILY. Most other MG&F treatments are dosed once every three days. Dosing daily allows you to complete the treatment in 3 days instead of 9 days.
  • You do NOT need to bypass your bio-filters which allows a more comprehensive treatment of the entire pond system.
  • Less toxic to koi and goldfish than any other MG&F product on the market.
  • Can be shipped NON-HAZMAT legally anywhere in the U.S.
  • Gallon treats 12,280 pond 3 times
  • Quart treats 3200 gallons 3 times

 Baby Fry Food for newly hatched fry. Feed starting 24 hours after hatching and until the fish are 1 inch long. At that point I switch them to Sho Koi soaked in pond water and mashed in my hand. Baby fry really need the immune stimulator in the Sho Koi.

KoiZyme One of the best products to hit our hobby is Koizyme. This water additive actually out competes the Aeromonas and Pseudomonas that causes ulcer disease in Koi and gold Fish.

KoiZyme is a biological formula of naturally occurring bacteria, enzymes and micro nutrients. When used as directed, KoiZyme will reduce the bacterial count of Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and other pathogen bacteria to such low levels that they will not be a threat to the health of your koi.
  • KoiZyme is available in Gallons, Quarts (32oz.), Pints (16oz.) and 8oz. bottles
  • Quart treats 48,000 to 96,000 gallons. A Pint treats 24,000 to 48,000 gallons and a 8oz. treats 12,000 to 24,000 gallons
  • Five initial treatments are required and then one a week maintenance treatments will keep your pond healthy
  • Cost of treatments: Initial 5 treatments - $1.45 / 1,000 gallons each , Maintenance treatments - $0.73 / 1,000 gallons each week
  • KoiZyme should be used when pond water temps reach 52 degrees and above
  • KoiZyme will NOT harm the biofilter and can be used with any percentage of salt
  • Shelf life of KoiZyme: 4 to 6 months at room temps and 18 months if kept refrigerated

No photo at this time
  • is nontoxic
  • removes all forms of ammonia including chloramine.
  • does not affect the pH.
  • does not interfere with the beneficial nitrifying bacteria or their food sources
  • Made in U.S.A..
Quick Reference  
1 tablespoon treats 100 gallons
1 cup treats 1,500 gallons

Rapid Clear Flocculent

Crystal Clear Rapid Clear is designed to clear water gardens and koi ponds quickly and safely by combining suspended particulate together. This process is commonly called “flocculation”.

Flocculation basically means that suspended organics within the water column attract together, making the accumulated mass heavier than water. This “mass” will eventually drop to the bottom of the pond where a good bacteria colony can utilize the organic mass as food and remove it from the pond, or it will simply get removed by filters, skimmers, etc.

The 64 oz treats 32,000 Gal.  Available in quart and gallon size. The gallon size has the shipping included in the price.

PraziPond Plus Praziquantel ("Prazi") is the preeminent treatment for flukes. 'Prazi' is by far the most gentle, yet effective treatment for flukes available to our hobby.

PraziPond Plus is USP grade (99.5% pure) prazi blended with cyanocobalamin and a proprietary polymer mixture. No other prazi available today has this advanced formula. PraziPond Plus is 40% more effective than prazi alone.

As a preventative, we recommend treating once a year in early Spring. PraziPond Plus will work in ANY water temperature, and can be used at the same time with ProForm-C. Use when there is no rain for 5 days and do not do water changes for 5 days after adding to the pond.
 Test Kit is a complete kit for testing tap water & pond water. Tests water 3 different ways to protect pond fish from dangerous water conditions.  Tests include:  ammonia, nitrite, and *KH/GH. Test kits include color cards for easier reading, test tubes and   * KH is carbonate hardness or sometimes called Total Alkalinity.  The number actually shows how well your bio filter is working.

 This is a great tool for when you need to add salt to your pond or aquarium. It is the most accurate meter I have found and I use mine all the time in my own pond and my retail sales This is a great tool for when you need to add salt to your pond or aquarium. It is the most accurate meter I have found and I use mine all the time in my own pond and my retail sales tanks. It is fast and easy to use. Just dip it in the water and read the reading on the digital display. Automatic temperature compensation from 1-50*C. Reads salt level all the way to 10.0ppt. Uses 4x 1.5v button cell battery. And it has an automatic shut off if you forget to turn it off to save on the battery. This item is a must if you have a pond or aquarium and need to add salt. Unit comes with plastic case and instructions.

The FDA took the salt (salinity test) off the market because it contained mercury.  The only reliable means to test the salt in the pond is with a meter.

  25 count  100 count

Specialized fertilizer for Pond Plants. Safe for all aquatic life - will not turn water green
Koi clay is a fine powder that dissolves readily in water.
Please email me your zip code for a quote on shipping if less than 6 lbs OR for larger quantities. I offer up to 48 pounds in one shipping.

The dosage rate is only 2 tablespoons per 1,000 gallons. Using more than that rate will turn the water gray. And my water did turn gray but cleared up the next day and then the string algae did begin to die off. Three days later it was all dead and we vacuumed it up off the bottom of the tank.

My Personal Experience:

I have not ever had too much of a problem with string algae because my fish keep it chewed down. I have many reports of from others that a heavy dose killed the string algae.

This is my first hand experience.

We are in the middle of spawning our Koi (May 2002) and one of my fry tanks had massive amounts of string algae. I would normally not be too concerned about it because the fry will eat the string algae. But the amount that we had was massive, almost 12 inches long and I was worried that the fry would get tangled in the string algae and die.

Our four-year old granddaughter was here helping "grandma" and accidentally spilled the whole container in the tank.

Interestingly enough the fish were fine, the water turned gray and the algae died off

Check out this detailed article about the MANY benefits of Koi Clay. 
Must Reading!

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