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Koi Video  January 7th 2014.  The video was taken this morning.  This is the first time in 13 years of living in NC that we have had ice on our pond.



Koi Video  Fall 2013 taking down the pond for the winter.  This is a 10 minute video that shows what our summer pond looks like with all the aquatic plants and tropical plants going to their winter home in the greenhouse

Koi Video

Video of our pond and some of the landscaping. The tour starts outside my office door. In the middle pond you will see one of the two Koi who live there with 2 "sharks". In the upper pond you will also see 2 Koi that were 4 inches in March of 2013 and are now about 10 inches. There are also 2 sharks hidden in the lilies.

In the lower pond you will see Darter Too. I named him/her because of the way he darts out from the plant shelf to get food and darts back in. Darker Too was in the upper pond and we never saw him/her again until yesterday. She/he made his way out of the upper pond, down into the streambed into the middle pond and then over 2 large water falls and into the lower pond.
at Bonniesplants.com Newton NC.

Koi Video  Chinese hi-finned banded sharks

1/01/2013 The video to the left was taken with my live stream underwater video camera found here.  In the lower right hand corner of the video you will see 2 of the 3 Chinese hi-finned banded sharks that live in our lower pond with our Koi.  The other 4 that we have, 2 in the upper pond and 2 in our middle pond are much larger because they do not compete with the Koi for food.

Koi Video  If you have rocks in your pond this is a must see video! Many ponds have rocks in their pond.  We have rocks in the streambed and the water falls but not in the actual  ponds.  The biggest reason is you can have a lot more gallons of water in your pond by not having rocks because the rocks displace water.  One customer on the east coast actually added 500 gallons of water by simply removing the rocks from the bottom on the pond!

If you do have rocks it is important that you at least once a year use a hose and get down in between those rocks and get the crud of from between the rocks.

NOTE: I caution you that if you have not ever done this, you need to do small sections at at time OR you could end up killing your fish if there is a lot of hydrogen sulphide (sulpide)  (H2S) gas built up in the crud. You will probably also smell the "rotten egg smell", a sure sign of H2S.  Long term exposure to H2S can cause the fish to become sickly and more susceptible to diseases and parasites because of damage to the gills.

Koi Video Late summer 2010  Koi in a greenhouse tank.  See how an airstone and pump work.  The tanks are netted because we had a heron go in the greenhouse and get right in a tank a couple of years ago.

Koi Video 11/19/2010  This video is almost 11 minutes long so wait for the video to buffer because it may be slow to load. My koi in the lower pond.  You will also get glimpses of my "sharks". You will have to look close because they stay near the bottom.  They are black with beige colored stripes. Towards the end of the video Sammy came up from behind and nudged me so I am talking to him

Koi Video  11/19/2010  Meet my dog Sammy.  You will find him anywhere I am because he never leaves my side.  He makes the many daily treks with me down to the greenhouse.  Yes, he knows the word greenhouse among many others. He was beside me when I was doing the 2 videos below.  You will see him turn around and make sure I am still following him.

Koi Video  11/19/10  This video is about 6 minutes long. Sammy and I have been down to the greenhouse and fed all the koi there and now we are on the opposite side of the pond.  I said to Rich "I can't get a good view of the sharks" and he said he "would get his boat and put me in the boat and the boat in the pond so I could see them better".  He did not know I was recording the fish in the pond at the time because he was up by the middle pond and could not see me

Koi Video Late October we are at the streambed and removing the plants and taking them down to the greenhouse where they will winter over.  It is a big chore for Rich to remove the huge Black Magic Taro a Rose Hibiscus and a Red Bog Lily

All of the plants in the streambed are in a few inches of water and planted bare root.

Koi Video  Rich has the plants from the stream bed loaded on the cart and is taking them down to the greenhouse while I begin to wash down the streambed. Sammy, black and tan hound, and Ginger a Staffordshire terrier accompany Rich down to the greenhouse.  Both dogs are rescue dogs.

Koi Video  The lower part of the stream bed is being washed down.  And you can see all the crud that was trapped in the rocks.  It is going into the middle pond where the skimmer will pick up some and the rest will go down the bottom drain.

Koi Video The  rocks in the stream bed on the other side of the bridge is also washed down

Below are 9 short videos we did in the greenhouse of a black snake eating a rat


Koi Video #1

Koi Video #2

Koi Video #3

Koi Video #4

Koi Video #5

Koi Video #6

Koi Video #7

Koi Video #8

Koi Video #9



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