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Columbine  Columbine
Foxglove  Foxglove
Glory Bush  Glory Bush foliage Glory Bush
perennial hibiscus perennial hibiscus

Perennial Hibiscus come in many colors and there are both single and double flowering varieties. We have many different colors of the hardy perennial hibiscus planted in our landscaping. They add wonderful color to the landscaping in July and August.
Tropical Hibiscus Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus I have many varieties of hibiscus that are not hardy here in zone 7. They are in 20" pots and spend the winter in the greenhouse. In the spring after danger of frost, they are removed from the greenhouse and are placed on the decks around the pond. We actually moved 30 hibiscus from MI with us where I grew them in the greenhouse all year around. I have many different colors! They bloom non-stop all year around.
hummingbird vine I am not sure what the botanical name of the is plants is. I bought this plant at the farmers market and he called it Hummingbird Vine. It is an annual that comes back every summer and grows on the lattice on the main deck. I love it because it attracts the hummingbirds!
Rose of Sharon Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon I love these flowering shrubs and have many different colors planted in our landscaping. They bloom in July and August and give lots of color when everything else has stopped blooming.

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