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Subject is a 5 inch butterfly with a huge ulcer from the dorsal fish back to the caudal fin.  Antibiotics used are Baytril and Amikacin.  Microscopic biopsies were negative for parasites so I proceeded on the basis that the fish is suffering from a bacterial infection.
ulcerated fish swimming in bucketThis is a small video of the ulcerated fish swimming in a bucket of pond water.
Live video on how to do injections in koi and other pond fishShort video of the fish being injected.  In the video you will see the anal opening (it just looks like a dark spot in the video). The tip of the needle is inserted to the right and slightly forward of the anal opening.
Note:  I highly recommend that you use anesthetic to knock the fish out before attempting to inject the fish!  I have many years experience injecting fish and am able to hold the fish in one hand and inject with the other.  You can see how I was able to flawlessly roll the fish over in one hand in one smooth movement with out dropping the fish so you the viewer can get a better view of the actual ulcer.

The above photos and video were done on Sunday August 30th and returned to the tank it came from.  Salt is slowly being brought up to .3 (3 pounds  per 100 gallons).  The salt will help with the osmotic regulation within the injured fish.

In two days the fish will be removed and new photos taken so that you can see the healing process.  I will make another thorough assessment of the patient at that time.  More videos and pictures will be posted here.


Sunday 8/30/04



Monday 9/1/04
(3 days later)


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