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Back yard 2006 Backyard winter of 2000 This is our house when we bought it in January of 2000, no trees, no pond, no landscaping of any kind.  Just a few weeds where there should have been grass. Looking from the same angle as most of the photos below do, you can barely see the house during the summer.  My goal was to create a tropical paradise in our back yard.


middle pond and deck Another view from the back side of the pond that is on the other side of the trees
Middle Pond and the canopy on the main deck that overlooks the lower pond. Back yard view.  The lower pond is on the other side of the trees Another view from the back side of the pond that is on the other side of the trees
Back yard side view Side yard flower bed back yard bed
While the lotus are not visible, this bed is where we grow the lotus that we harvest every January  
back view of wall around lower pond new arbor in 2005 water falls
After the collapse of the lower pond, Rich built a raised brick wall that is faced with some really cool stone work.  The  lower pond is on the other side of the wall Hard to see the arbor but we will be planting Muscatine grapes in the bed that now houses a small garden of strawberries, blue berries and red raspberries This is the view that I see when I look out my office window
lower pond and fish middle pond middle pond
This the lower pond where my collection of fish live.  To the left is a raised deck where we can view the fish from above.  The green canopy seen in other pictures is on this deck This is the middle pond. Even from the distance you can see the bottom drain in the pond. This shows how clean you can keep your pond by keeping plants potted in dirt out of the pond.  The NO Fish'N sign was made by a good friend before we moved from Michigan to North Carolina in January of 2000 This is just another angle of the middle pond.

This is the deck that comes off the back of the house and you can see the upper pond, part of the 30' streambed and the bridge that leads to the deck where on can over look the lower pond and the fish

See the bottom drain in the middle pond?  The pond is 3' deep

The middle pond is about 3,000 gallons of water.  The upper ponds, 2000 gallons and the lower pond is 10,000.  I have no idea how much water is in the streambed and the 3 waterfall basins and and the miles of underground piping.  Everything is out of the pond: the pump, the filters, and skimmers.  The only thing in the pond is the 5 bottom drains

middle pond and water falls view from house

The bottom of the photo is the middle pond.  If you look close you can see 2 huge waterfall basins that lead to the lower pond.  The 2 horse power pump allows about 10,000 gallons of water a hour to go over the water falls.

I have had this Jade plant 30 some years bridge, stream bed and middle pond.  
I have had this Jade tree 30 some years.  It winters in the greenhouse and comes out every summer to sit by the stream bed.  It blossoms every winter all winter long.  For size reference it is planted in a 20" container. This is the middle pond looking towards the bridge that goes over the 30' stream bed. The back of the photo is the main deck that over looks the lower pond 
Wisteria growing on arbor next to lower pond Wisteria vine growing on arbor next to lower pond  
This is a cedar arbor that over looks the lower pond.  The photo is a little dark to see the bench on can sit on to enjoy the fish in the lower pond.  Wisteria vine covers the arbor from the back side and in front are 2 huge pink Mandeville that winter in the greenhouse but come out in the summer to sit in front of the arbor.  The plant in the lower left corner is a huge gardenia that also winters in the greenhouse and spends the summer outside. This view is from the other side of the arbor.  The pot that you see is a desert rose I have had for every. It also winters in the greenhouse and summers outside near the arbor. 
All plants sit on a huge shelf in plant stands that are 18 inches tall .  The pots are all even with the top of the water and this keeps my fish out of MY plants!

All of the plants that you see are growing totally soil less!  I will be releasing the details on how we FINALLY accomplished this after many years and many failed attempts.

Hope you enjoyed a tour of my landscaped pond.

Pond Plant "Bonnie's plants are extremely lush, top-size plants at prices that compete with our local budget stores! I have received another shipment from her, and, as always, it arrived in perfect condition - the Bonus Plant was an especially nice touch!" 
                                        ~ D. Diamond

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