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View from Upstairs Window of my pond during the summer of 2000, our first summer in NC

Deck around middle and lower pond Summer 2000 Gazebo on the lower deck

The deck is being built around the middle and lower pond         Deck is completed

filter box to hide the bubble bead greenhouse at the near the back of our property

A box is built around the bubble bead filter to hide it             The greenhouse at the back of our property.  We also own into the woods


10 years later, summer of 2010 - come walk with me around my pond as I  do live videos

middle pond video Foam on the pond from using Potassium Permanganate in the middle pond.  Five small koi and 1 Chinese hi-fin banded shark live in the middle pond.

Koi Video View of the lower pond from the deck.  Plant shelf in the lower pond.  The plants are in plant stands to keep them even with the top of the water so that the koi don't destroy them. "Thor" a male koi is 36 inches!  Sunny is 26 years old this past spring of 2010. Sunny's daughter is  Sparkle Plenty has really long fins.  Cali is a Ki Utsuri, black and yellow.  Zorro is a black butterfly, the longest fins of any butterfly I have ever seen.  Utsee is Rich's koi a Hi Utsuri.

Koi Video  At the lower pond still with Cleopatra who is now Cleo because he turned out to be male.  He is a white leather, no scales. He feels like fine leather.  Patches, leather was a Showa.  Now she is a Shiro Utsuri.  Darter is a Kujaku

Koi Video Side of the lower pond.  Water coming over the waterfall in the lower pond.  Tropical plants winter in the greenhouse and them the pots are moved to sides of the pond and decks.  Maples, October Sunset were 3' tall in 2000 and are now 30 to 40' tall.  Filter box hides the 20,000 gallon bubble bead filter and pump.

Koi Video  Path on the other side of the lower pond.  Mandevilla pots and Dutchman's Pipe pot.  Potted Gardenia in 25 gallon pot.

Koi Video Upper water fall from the middle pond leads to the bottom pond

Koi Video Waterfall from the stream bed to the middle pond.  If you look closely, you can see the Chinese hi-fin banded shark feeding on the soaked and mashed Sho Koi food on the bottom of the pond.  The five koi share the food with the shark.  The once were 2 inch babies were added to the middle pond to keep the snails off of my water lilies.

Pond Plant "Bonnie's plants are extremely lush, top-size plants at prices that compete with our local budget stores! I have received another shipment from her, and, as always, it arrived in perfect condition - the Bonus Plant was an especially nice touch!" 
                                        ~ D. Diamond



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