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By following the regime below you can eliminate all parasites that can not be seen with the naked eye. This treatment protocol is aimed at microscopic parasites that can only be seen with a microscope.
Proform C is a combination of formalin and malachite green. It kills Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella.

ProformC  DOES NOT kill flukes.  You need either Supaverm or Prazi, see more below

ProformC Does NOT kill ICH either.  For ICH you need to dose 5 times every other day.  OR add salt at the rate of 3lbs with either Prazi or Supaverm.  Keep in mind that salt and ProformC can not be used together!

And used as directed it will not harm the filter. Available on my Supplies Page

Make sure that the salt level is below .1

Salt and formalin are not compatible. Nor is salt compatible with all plants.  See the extensive salt testing I did on each plant 

You may want to remove your plants if treating with this product because formalin is an active ingredient in herbicides! Plants may not die but will turn yellow if left in the pond during treatment. See note at the bottom of the page on how to treat plants if you remove them while treating the pond.

Do a large water change, preferably by vacuuming off the bottom of the pond to remove as much crud as you can.  Formalin is bound out by organics so it is important to have a clean pond to start treatment with.

NOTE:  If you are 100% sure of your volume of water in your pond, you can add the full dose of Proform C while the water is at the 50% level.  Wait 2 hours and then slowly re-fill.  This can safely be done IF you are sure of your gallons.  If you are NOT 100% sure of you volume, I strongly recommend you follow the dose below in the day 2 treatment.

Treat the pond with ProFormC using 10 ml per 100 gallons of water (100ml per 1,000 gallons)
Repeat as for day 2 for ICH every other day (10 days total time with 1 day in between  treatments)
Repeat as for day 2 for ICH every other day for 5 days (10 days total time with 1 day in between  treatments)


Is for koi only.  It kills goldfish and goldfish types.  No one knows why but it does! Supaverm is less expensive than Prazi. Supaverm is harder to obtain.  No water changes needed after using. Does not hurt filter.


More expensive.  Also kills intestinal parasites (yes fish do get intestinal parasites)  Used for dogs, cats and even humans as a de-wormer. Hard to dissolve but it does finally dissolve after about 24 hours.  No water changes needed after using. Does not hurt  bio-filter

If you are using Prazi instead of Supaverm  mix the amount of Prazi needed with the full dose of Proform C.  The Proform C helps dissolve the Prazi a bit better.   I put the Proform C in a plastic jar and then add the right dose of Prazi. Tighten lid and then shake  the dickens out of it. Then add to the pond.  You will see white "specks" but they will dissolve over the next 24 hour. Keep in mind that this is done on day 5 which is the last day of treatment with the Prazi.


Add salt to .1  This is one pound of salt per 100 gallons

Keep adding salt every 12 hours until you get the salt to .3 (3 pounds of salt per 100 gallons)

In emergencies you can add the full dose at one time and it is safe to add all the salt at one time.

Once you have the salt at .3 (3 pounds per 100 gallons),  add the Supaverm. The dosage rate for Supaverm is 1 ml per 100 gallons.  Do not use more than this dose!   Be sure to shake the bottle extremely well because the 2 components in Supaverm separate from one another so it is very important to shake the bottle very well.

This one time treatment should take care of flukes.

Many choose to remove pond plants prior to treatment.  If you do not leave the plants in the pond they will have to be treated for parasites also. I personally remove the plants because of the Formalin in the Proform C. Formalin is used in many weed killers and I have found that quite a few plants will turn yellow if left in the pond during treatment but generally do not die.

Dissolve 1 tablespoons of Potassium Permanganate (PP) for every 4 gallons of water. Make sure the PP is thoroughly dissolved. Add a pump and air stone to the container to keep the PP solution circulating around the plants. Treat for 3 hours and then rinse with a garden hose to remove residue.

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