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Perry's Giant Sunburst Lotus,  Nelumbo  'Perry's Giant Sunburst'

Flower bud just before it starts to open

Perry's Giant Sunburst lotus Large delicate yellow blossoms that can be up to 10 inches across  Large growing


Perry's Giant Sunburst Lotus,  Nelumbo  'Perry's Giant Sunburst'

Large double yellow flowers grow 10 to 13 inches across.  The outer petals are pale green.  Flowers are held high above the base of the plant.

Fragrant flowers have 24 or 25 petals

Leaves grow 16 to 18 inches diameter  Plant grow 4  to 5 ' tall

Perfect for medium to larger sized ponds

Hardy zone 4 or higher, less than 4 with winter protection

Tubers available mid January until March or until sold out. Lotus are generally started inside in late winter so that they bloom the same year.  More information on growing lotus

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