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Right click the above image and save image. Link to https://bonniesplants.com

Koi Vet

The above link goes to my favorite site, home of my good buddy and mentor, Dr. Eric Johnson,  veterinarian of Atlanta GA who specialized if pond fish care.  Many years ago Erik took me under his wings and taught me on a one to one basis

Fish Veterinarians

The above link goes to Veterinarians in the USA that specialize in pond fish health care.  Use this link if you have fish that need to be seen by a veterinarian.

AKCA Clubs

The above link goes to the American Koi Clubs of America.  Many times the clubs have someone who is able to make pond calls to help diagnose pond and pond fish problems.  Click on the map on the above link to find a koi club near you

Gulisano Law

The above link goes to Gulisano Law prehaps the top attorney in Florida.  Many times this firm can make your legal troubles disappear.

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