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Hi Bonnie,
You can tell they are use to having human contact. They are so docile. I am extremely happy with them. They are absolutely beautiful. I would not hesitate to purchase more fish from you. They are a good influence on my current fish. My fish are very skittish but now that I have added their new playmates it seems to be having a calming affect on them. Your fish swim right up to the edge and move much more slowly then mine....I have not seen that behavior in my fish since I purchased them last year. They always eat and run!

I can't wait to have your fish start eating out of my hand. Hopefully, that will be soon! I am hoping that they will show my fish that it's ok to trust human contact.

Again, thank you for everything....I absolutely love the new additions...they are very healthy and beautiful! and they love their new home. All happy little campers!

Claudette New Britain CT


They are now in the q-tank swimming around. They seem to be doing fine.
We are very pleased and happy with all of them. Now we have to pick
names out. We name all of our fish. The kids are anxious to see them
after school. They'll help with the names. My favorites out of the
butterfly fish are the sanke, and the asagi. You gave us a nice variety
in them. We are very pleased. When we get our camera working again, we'll scan some
pictures of them, and send them to you. We'll keep you updated on our
new addition. Thanks for everything.
Friends in koi,

Mike, Pana, IL

Thank you very much Bonnie. All the fish are doing well and I must
say they are the most attractive looking butterfly koi I have seen..

Best regards,

Patrick Pueblo, CO

The Post Office called me at 7:45 this morning and I went immediately and
picked the fish up. They arrived in excellent condition, thank you! I'm
really happy with their quality--they're beautiful! They're settling in
great. They've obviously been well cared for! I'm glad you told me you put
Amquel in because the water was pretty foul. I'm not seeing any signs of
ammonia burn. Not even any reddening of fins!

Margie Greenacres, WA

Note from Bonnie: the above fish traveled over 2500 miles and took 2 days to arrive.

Things are going wonderfully, the fishes seemed to have settled in very well. I don't like the change of season we are going thru it is dark when I head out to work and dark when I finally get home, so I only get the weekends to see the fish during the daylight. I feed the fish every evening around 8:00PM, if it wasn't for the lights in the pond I wound not even get a chance to see them then. The fish come up to see me at the regular feed stop they have figure out the program.

The fish are great, I am so glad I found you this year, your plants are wonderful and

there are no words I can use to express my deepest thanks for all you have done for me, and for the fish
you love...
KG Boulder, CO.

Bonnie wanted to let you know both babies are in my big pond...and they are so happy. Both are completely well. KNR Nashville,TN

Bonnie first I would like to thank you for your concerns over the fish it
tells me your a true Koi lover and I really appreciate that you called me
about the shipment. The fish are all doing great they are swimming around
and don't look at all stressed out and I'm very happy with the selection you
sent me.

TG Rochester, NY

Hi Bonnie:
I appreciate the concern you have with the fish that you sell, I also appreciate the upgrade to the larger koi. The fish arrived safely and in great shape They continue to do very well in my quarantine pond, and they are very beautiful fish.
I look forward to buying more fish from you in the future and as I have said , I have passed on your website to my other pond friends.
Thank you,

Robbie, Leominster MA

The fish arrived today in great shape alive and well. These are so far the best batch of fish I have received. thanks again and hope to do future business with you. Don Seaville NJ

I bought several Koi over the internet, working with you has been the easiest, had the best description and pictures and you have shown the most concern for you costumers satisfaction thank you.

1SG L. Sissel

I really appreciate all the excellent communications, instructions and consideration you provided me. You made me feel as though I was your only customer in the world with all the special attention you gave me. I can tell that you care deeply about your plants and Koi and want to assure your customers are happy and continue to come back for repeat business. I most certainly will be your customer for a long time.
I will keep you posted as I move forward I know I will have questions and may run into problems. Thank you so much for all the help.
Best regards,
Jack W Donathan


Our newest additions, Bernie and Oreo have adapted well. They never miss a feeding.
After this photo I went into the pond for fall clean up and to sink my plants. They were just as investigative as the original four. Thank you for being the quality supplier, and one of the most helpful people we've met.

Jim NJ

Would you like to see my fish live?
Go here to see them via my underwater cam.

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