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These plants float on the top of the water and do not need to be planted. They are by far the easiest of all pond - aquatic plants to grow. Zone hardiness differs from plant to plant so be sure to click the plant profile to see where they are hardy.
Duckweed is lighter green, grass green in color These tiny green leaves float on top of the water. It is an excellent natural food for pond fish.
Duckweed - (1/2 cup)
Fairy moss is moss green and can be reddish brown depending on the sun and temperature
Fairy Moss - (1 lbs.)

Water Hyacinth
Sales limited to certain states
Water Lettuce should not be put in the pond until the water is warmed up to at least 75 degrees. It prefers shade during the heat of the day and may bleach out if put in the sun.
Water Lettuce
Sales limited to certain states
Ask about availability
Duckweed & FairyMoss
Mixture of
Duckweed & Fairy Moss

(1 lbs.)

There seems to be some confusion about the difference in Fairy Moss and Duckweed. Below are 2 photos for side by side comparison.
Fairy moss is moss green and can be reddish brown depending on the sun and temperature   Duckweed is more of a grass green.  Fairy moss is a moss green
Fairy Moss is the left photo and Duckweed is the right photo.
Depending on sun and heat, Fairy Moss can be moss green to
reddish brown.

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