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Lily-like-aquatics are deep water plants and can grow anywhere from a few inches to 12" to 18" deep depending on the plant. Zone hardiness depends on the plant.  Click the link on each plant to read about each plant.
The Variegated Four Leaf Clover and is a lily-like aquatic when placed in deeper water.  What this means is the plant is on the bottom and the leaves float on top of the water, just like a lily.
Four-leaf Clover Variegated
Water Hawthorne is a great flowering plant that thrives from early fall until late spring when the water is cold.  Grows and blooms in cool/cold water of late fall until summer and goes dormant in warm water.  The white fragrant flowers are present from September until April. The flowers are held above the mottled foliage that is oblong green. The undersides of the leaves are red in color.  Flowers have a slight vanilla fragrance
Water Hawthorne
Flowers May - September and has reddish brown leaves and bright yellow
Water Snowflake or Water Fringe  flower

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