How to plant a water lily
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The diagram shows how a typical bog/marginal pond plant is placed in the pot

Basic planting diagrams for bog/marginal plants, water lilies and water lotus  (Shallow Water Plants and Lily-Like Aquatics)

The crown on of the plant should be just above the dirt and the gravel and NOT under it.

The diagram shows how the lotus is placed ON the dirt

For Lotus the growing tip should never be covered with soil or gravel.  Note how the tuber is placed on the dirt and then gravel is added.

Lilies are planted with the crown just above the soil and gravel.

Lilies are planted with the crown just above the soil and gravel.

More pictures of how to plant a lotus
Planting without soil (other plants, NOT including lilies & lotus) 
Step by Step planting OR transplanting.

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