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Any of the above is correct. This group of plants is basically shallow water plants. Depending on where you live they may or may not be hardy. Most are very easy to grow.

Horsetail equisetum hyemale grows 3’ tall. The jointed stems are very distinctive.
Tall Horsetail
Lizard’s Tail grows about 3’ tall and is a North American native plant that is hardy to zone 4. The flowers are very unique and cream colored. Tolerates shade.
Lizards Tail
Dwarf Papyrus only grows 1 to 2’ tall. Because of its smaller size it is much more popular.  The Dwarf variety does not “weep” while in bloom because the shorter stems are well able to hold the foliage up.
Dwarf Papyrus
Cyperus percamenthus Dwarf Giant Papyrus
Dwarf Giant Papyrus
Egyptian Papyrus grows 8’ tall so it needs a large pond to look like it “belongs”. The stems are stiff and triangular shaped. At the top of these stems grows a “tuft” of needle like foliage that kind of resembles a broom
Egyptian Papyrus

No pond is complete with out Parrots Feather in my humble opinion. It helps to soften the edges of the pond. It is great for fish that are spawning, as it is nice and soft. While some fish may eat some pond plants,
Parrots Feather

Rain Lily

pink flowering rush Singapore pink
Pickerel Rush - Pink

White Pickerel Rush grows 3 to 4’ tall but has white flowers. It is hardy 6 or higher.
Pickerel Rush White


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