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Any of the above is correct. This group of plants is basically shallow water plants. Depending on where you live they may or may not be hardy. Most are very easy to grow.

Black Magic, one my favorite pond plants. It grows about 4' tall and it is an incredible color that is described as different colors depending on who is viewing the plant. S
Taro - Black Magic
Black Marble Taro
Taro - Black Marble
Green Taro
Taro - Green
This is one of the coolest of all Taros, Imperial Taro.  The dark blotched leaves are very attractive color of dark brown and violet black.
Taro - Imperial
Taro - Lime-Leaf
Taro - Lime-Leaf
Nancy's Revenge Taro has leaves that emerge green but turn pale yellow along the center during warm weather.
Nancy's Revenge Taro

Taro - Tea Cup
The Thalia Delbata is a plant for large ponds as it is a very large plant that grows about 6' tall. The bold dramatic foliage reminds of Bird of Paradise leaves.
Thalia Delbata
Dwarf umbrella palm/grass Dwarf Cyperus haspan Grows 1 to 2 tall.  Hardy zone 9 or higher
Umbrella - Dwarf
Tall or large Umbrella Palm/Grass Tall Cypress alternifolius
Umbrella - Large
Water Celery is a staple in any pond in my humble opinion. Fish love to eat this plant and it is a great source of vitamins for fish. Grow lots so you have a constant supply.
Water Celery
A newer variety called Oenanthe Javanica
Variegated Water Celery
water cress bog marginal plant
Water Cress
Water Mint grows 1' tall and is hardy to zone 6. The foliage is aromatic with the fragrance of mint. Flowers that are fuzzy in texture and are lilac-pink
Water Mint
Water willow grows 12 to 18” tall. The white flowers are tinged purple and resemble an orchid The open foliage is very similar to the narrow leaves of the willow tree, thus its name. 
Water Willow
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