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Black Magic Taro Black Magic Taro, one my favorite pond plants.

It grows about 4' tall and it is an incredible color that is described as different colors depending on who is viewing the plant.

Some refer to the color as deep burgundy, while others see it as charcoal black. And still others say it a violet -black color.

It is a dusty looking color no matter what color one call it. I have had very good luck growing them in the pond if I keep the water level even with the crown of the plant or even slightly higher. I grow mine in my pond in a plant stand.

Black Magic is a totally awesome plant and it a plant that draws the most comments in my pond.

It is a plant that once one sees it, they too must have it for their pond.

Full sun to full shade

Keep the top of the pot even with the top of the water

It is hardy to zone 8 but does very well in the house in water filled saucer in front of sunny window in the lesser climates for the winter.

Black Marble Taro

Black Marble Taro has leaves that are grayish-green and splashes of large dark spots on the leaves in irregular patterns.

Stems are deep burgundy color.

Grows 3 to 4 foot and is an awesome specimen plant.

Full sun to full shade

Hardy zone 8 or higher

Imperial Taro

This is one of the coolest of all Taros, Imperial Taro. The dark blotched leaves are very attractive color of dark brown and violet black.

Can take part sun or partial shade. It grows 3-4' tall.

Hardy in zone 9 or higher

Green Taro  Colocasia esculenta

Dark green leaves. Elephant ear relative.

Can reach 3 - 4 ft. in height with leaves of 12" wide.

Up to 6" water depth.

Hardy zone 8 or higher.

Flower on the green taro.  In fact all taro have similar blooms! Flower on the green taro.  In fact all taro have similar blooms!
Nancy' s Revenge Taro esculenta nanciana

Nancy's Revenge Taro has leaves that emerge green but turn pale yellow along the center during warm weather.

The leave can be up to 25" wide. Full sun to light shade.

Hardy zone 8 or higher but will winter over inside in a saucer filled with water in lesser zones.

Lime-leaf Taro

This new introduction is breath taking! This is the only chartreuse yellow Colocasia on the market. If that was enough to get you excited, look at the purple markings in the veins! These markings spread as the leaf matures in bright light.

Full sun to full shade

Does very well soil-less

Mature Height: 4-6'

Hardiness: Zone 7b or higher

Tea Cup Taro   NEW FOR 2009

Tea Cup is one of a kind, for sure. Just take a look at the leaf structure on this one! The leaves hold themselves very upright in an inverted cup like pose. Bizarre as can be, however very eye pleasing. When the sun shines down on 'Tea Cups' leaves it illuminates the leaf tissue around the dark purple veins, which gives it a very spectacular look. Water "beads" up just like on a lotus

Full sun to half day sun  does reasonably well in full shade

Does well soil-less by putting the rooted end in a streambed of shallow water.

Mature Height: 3-4'

Hardiness: Zone 7b or higher

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