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To make it easier for you to know when to add each type of plant to your pond I have made notes on when they can go in the pond  Look for this color below inside each group listing of types of plants.  Some plants are illegal in some states and cannot be shipped to those states.  Please do not ask me to because I could lose my license if I ship banned plants to a state where they are banned.
Any of the above is correct. These plants are shallow water plants, meaning they want the top of the pot even or slightly above the water level. Click the link above to see our huge assortment of bog, marginal or shallow water plants and their respective pricing.

MOST plants in this category will also work well in wetland, low lying, wet, moist, boggy areas of land, flower beds and gardens. By clicking on the above link you will see which plants work in said areas.

This type of plant is not added until the water is 70 degrees or more and there is no danger of frost or cold nights.

Of course these are not pond - aquatic plants but they are one of my favorite land plants and many have asked me to grow them.

Brugmansia an exotic, small tropical tree in the Solanaceae family, also commonly called Angel Trumpet. They produces dramatic, pendent trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers.  In the USA they can get up to 12' tall when grown outdoors in the ground. But they adapt well to container culture, where the plants remain a more manageable size (5-6') through pruning and root restriction.

They can be planted in large pots on decks or patios and brought inside for the winter.

To plant them in the ground the nights cannot have frost or very cold nights.

Submersed plants are sometimes called oxygenators or underwater plants. While that is partially correct, all plants add oxygen to the water. These plants can go anywhere from 6 inches deep to a few feet deep.

They will arrive with weights and can be dropped to the bottom of the pond where the weights will keep them.  Or you can remove the weights and let them float.  Or you can plant them in a pot of sand and place on the bottom of the pond.

Hornwort can be added to the pond any time the water is 55 degrees or more.

Lotus what is left as of 3.30.15 Russian Red, Empress, Alba Grandiflora, Rosy Clouds, and Momo Botan. First come, first served.

 Lotus need to be started inside in order to bloom the first year.  I do provide full direction on how to start them inside.  Essentially the colder your zone the more crucial early starting becomes.  Starting in the house in winter insures that they will bloom the first summer you have them.

Keep in mind that they cannot go outside until there is no danger of frost or very cold nights.

These plants float on the top of the water and do not need to be planted. They are by far the easiest of all pond- aquatic plants to grow. Zone hardiness differs from plant to plant so be sure to click the plant profile to see where they are hardy.

Floating plants need warm water and the water has to be at least 70 degrees (higher for water lettuce).

Iris are shallow water plants-no more than 3 or 4 inches deep. Hardy zone 4 or higher. Iris are available in a rainbow of colors!

Iris can be placed in the pond as soon as the water is 55 degrees and on the rise. They are the first plants to bloom in the spring.

Depending on the variety, hardy lilies are generally potted so that they are 6 to 24 inches deep in the water. They are hardy zone 3 or higher.  Flowers May through September, depending on your zone.

Hardy water lilies can be added to the pond when the water is 55 degrees and on the rise.

Lily-like aquatics are deep water plants and can go anywhere from a few inches to 12 to 18 inches deep depending on the plant. Zone hardiness depends on the plant.

Lily-like-aquatics can go in the pond when the water is 70 degrees.  The exception is Mosaic and it needs water at least 75 degrees.  Do not buy this plant early because you cannot keep it in the house!

We are discontinuing the sales of all tropical lilies as of 2010.  We are not responsible if you add the plants too soon or if your fish eat the plants.
We are discontinuing the sales of all tropical lilies as of 2010 We are not responsible if you add the plants too soon or if your fish eat the plants.
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"Bonnie's plants are extremely lush, top-size plants at prices that compete with our local budget stores! I have received another shipment from her, and, as always, it arrived in perfect condition - the Bonus Plant was an especially nice touch!"
~ D. Diamond

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