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Our backyard in 2000 This is the back yard in January of 2000
It starts with a drawing

After planning where the pond will go and the size, the next step is to make an on scale drawing,

putting your ideas on paper.  You can make changes as you go along so that things fit just "right"

with the lay of the land.  As you are working on the actual pond you may get another idea that you

want to incorporate.  In this drawing you can see 3 ponds that are blue water stream and water falls..  The red is a bridge that goes over the pond.


Drawing of the plumbing.  I did not want any pipes, tubing, and pumps in my pond that would

detract from the pond itself. 

Everything is buried underground. The filter was then later camouflaged  so it would not be visit

bottom drain

 construction of water falls

Above photos shows the underground plumbing going in

 bubble bead filter

Upper pond

 Upper pond dug ready for plumbing


 Upper pond, stream bed, bridge

Garden hose was laid out for the design of the upper pond

The stream bed is ready and the bridge is placed

  Return into the upper pond from the middle pond and lower pond

all plumbing is underground 

 Middle pond will have a bottom drain More plumbing


2 waterfalls lead from middle to lower pond Water falls lading to the lower pond and lower pond

 two bottom drains in the lower pond

 Lower pond is dug bottom drains in place

Total gallons 15,000 All 3 ponds, the water falls, streambed and bridge are all in place.  Photo was taken from upstairs bedroom window
Filter box hides pump and filter Bubble Bead filter is hidden behind wooden structure
Deck and middle and lower pond  Deck that views middle pond and lower

 Deck and bridge  Finished deck viewed from upstairs


 The lower pond can be viewed from the deck we added  The deck leads to the lower pond.  Tropical hibiscus sit on the deck and winter in the greenhouse.


Pond Plant "Bonnie's plants are extremely lush, top-size plants at prices that compete with our local budget stores! I have received another shipment from her, and, as always, it arrived in perfect condition - the Bonus Plant was an especially nice touch!" 
                                        ~ D. Diamond


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